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"There's 3 brothers that enjoy hanging out with each other who love what they're doing. That's just who we are. We're just normal guys having fun."

"Our parents are completely behind us and they always have been. They've always said, 'You can stop if you want to and we'll be totally behind you.' I think their best advice is 'You have to love it.'"

"Music can't be about fame and money or any of that stuff. You have to really love it."

"Not everyone is going to like our music. People say, 'Oh, they're just kids. They don't really play.' We do play and we write our own music, too. We believe that our music speaks for itself."

"Everybody has their own opinion, that's part of life. It's fine, you know?" (on Hanson haters)

"Actually my voice is pretty much done changing. But it was pretty bad when we were making the album."

"If somebody is obsessed with you, it would be kind of hard to go out with her. You'd take her hand and she'll scream! But if she was nice enough, yeah, I'd date a fan."

"How much better of a job could you possibly have than to be in a band for the rest of your whold life?"

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