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Isaac Hanson

Full Name - Clarke Isaac Hanson

Stage Name - Isaac

Nickname - Ike ; Zac likes to call him Ikey-poos! ; Tay and Zac also call him "Brace-Face" and "Chewbacca" (That's kinda mean, but they're brothers so what do you expect?)

Age - 17

Height - 5'10"

Weight - around 130 lbs

Eyes - light brown

Hair - dark blonde and naturally wavy

Shoe Size - 14 1/2 in mens

Birthday - November 17, 1980

His Position in the Band - guitar, piano, and vocals

Personality - funny but also serious ; educated - Ike is the most businesslike of the group

Zodiac Sign - Scorpio

Special Feature - His clear braces

Hidden Talent - can imitate Kermit the Frog, Bullwinkle and Butthead

Girlfriend Status - single ; he has had a girlfriend before and has been kissed

Other Interests - rollerblading, soccer and roller hockey

Fave School Subject - Science (it's been rumored that he has been writing a sci-fi book for 2 years)

Fave Color - green

Fave Food - lasange, spaghetti

Fave T.V. Shows - Seinfeld, Single Guy

Fave Ice Cream Flavor - Vanilla

Worst Habit - he bites his fingernails

Fave Quote - I think it's "Peace and Love"

-Ike names his guitars after girls he likes (his guitar is currently nameless)

-He has a navy blue toothbrush

-He is right handed

-He likes chunky peanut butter

-He likes his brown leather jacket

-Ike sleeps in boxers

-He is the romantic brother

-He likes action movies

-He has a drivers licsence

-He wants to buy a brand new corvette

-He almost always wears a silver ring on the middle finger of his left hand

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