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Hanson Dreams

"Falling For Hanson"

Yosemite Sam

Once I was in the woods near my house and I was swinging on the rope swing that was there. My best friends Leah, Stacey, John, Drew and Philip were pushing me even though I didn't want them too. Suddenly I heard someone singing MMMBop. I was so surprised that I fell off the rope and went crashing to the earth below. I woke up to find Taylor (now get this) giving me mouth to mouth resuscitation! I found out that they had moved into the HUGE house in back of me. We became good friends and Tay even asked me out! But a little while later I woke up. A week later I was swinging on the rope when I fell off and landed on the EXACT same place I had fallen in my dream! BUT no one gave me mouth to mouth. Bummer. My friends just laughed!!

"Days of Our Lives With a Hanson Twist"

Stacy Brown

I was trapped in the secret room in the Blake house with Kristen, Marlena and Taylor!! Kristen and Marlena were fighting over John while Taylor and I tried to fix the gas leak. Taylor went into the bathroom and came out wearing a silver space suit and he was holding a strawberry ice cream cone. He walked over to the broken valve and stuck the ice cream in it. "There,” he said. “That should stop it. Now lets think really hard and we can get out of here." We thought, and all of a sudden Taylor disappeared like people do in Star Trek!!! I screamed out "TAYLOR!!" (which I remember saying out loud!!) and then I disappeared. THUNK!! I woke up and I was on the floor beside my bed!!! I must have been half asleep because I was looking for Taylor and calling for him!! I soon realized what I was doing and climbed back into bed.

"Going to College With Hanson"


I was at a college party with all of my friends, having a good time. All of us were just hanging out in a living room, sitting on couches. All of a sudden, there is a knock on the door and in walks Ike, Tay and Zac. (What they would be doing at a COLLEGE party, I couldn't tell you.) They join us on the couches like nothing is out of the ordinary. Tay, of course, squeezes next to me. Someone begins a game of truth or dare. When it gets around to me, I choose "dare." One of my friends dares me to kiss Tay. Calmly, I kiss him quickly on the lips. Then, all of a sudden, Tay puts his hands behind my head and pulls me in for a longer kiss. When he pulls away, everyone in the room starts cheering for us. For the rest of the party, Tay sits with his arm around me. The dream ended with him looking into my eyes and smiling at me.

"A Weird Hanson Dream"


Okay it all started out when I was sitting in my living room playing with my Nintendo 64,when all of a sudden there was a knock at my door and it was Hanson. They asked if they could come in and needless to say, I said yes!!!! They played Nintendo 64 with me. Then out of the blue Zac says, “Gosh, Isaac you're such a rebel you long-haired freak!” And then Ike got mad at went and sat in the corner and I was like, “Zac what got into you?” And he came over and jumped on my lap and said, “I love you Heather!!!! in a loud, funny sorta way. Then I couldn't find Taylor and he came out of my kitchen with an ice cream cone with strawberry ice cream and sat next to me and Zac was still on my lap and we shared the ice cream cone and then my mom and little brother walked in with groceries and Ike got up and started singing “A Minute Without You” to my mom and she dropped the groceries and started dancing and Zac started tickling my little brother and Taylor just sat next to me and looked at me and all of a sudden, he kissed me on the cheek! Then my little brother smashed something over my head and everyone laughed at me and I woke up to find out that I had hit my head on my headboard!!!!!!!

"Mowing the Grass in Florida With Hanson"


Well, one day I was swimming laps in a really small hot tub. Then my mom came in and told me that we were going to Destin, Florida. For some reason I said, “All right!!!! Can I mow the grass there?" My mom said sure and that there would be someone there to help me. When I got in the plane everyone was laughing for no reason. When I sat down I just started laughing so I wouldn't be different. Then all of the sudden, I saw Zac stick his head out of the little cargo space on top of me!!! He was drinking an icee. He looked at me and said, “Hey Lucy! I said, “I’m not Lucy!" Then he started singing “Lucy”. I said, “Why are you up there?" He said, “Because my parents said I would be too rough if I sat down in a chair!" I said, “Oh.” Then when we got to the airport in Destin I saw Ike sitting on one of those things that turn around in circles that gives your luggage to you in a tuck position (the way you are when you do a cannonball). He was going around in circles on it. He was acting like he was on a rollercoaster with his arms in the air screaming. them we got to our condo and I saw Taylor moving the grass on the sand saying “Woohoo!!!!!!!!!!” over and over again. Then we pushed the lawn mower together and then I woke up.

"On an Airplane With Hanson"

Freak Kid

I was complaining to my mom that my seat wouldn’t recline. She said, "Pull the lever up and lean back." So I did. And nothing happened. "Here, let me push you down. On 3. 1 ...... 2 ......... 3!" My mom pushed me down and I reclined all the way down. I lay there, looking up at the person behind me, who was taken by surprise. "Hi. I'm really sorry. This was ...... hey, your Zac Hanson." I said, realizing it was Zac Hanson. I looked to the right, where Taylor and Isaac sat, laughing at me. I looked back up at Zac and said, "You guys rule! MMMBop (I forget what I said here) ......... Where's The Love much better." He stared at me and replied uncertainly, "I'm glad you feel that way." Taylor and Isaac started laughing even harder. I stuck my tongue out at them, which made them laugh so hard, they cried. I hastily declined my chair, which was still reclined and on Zac's lap. Later, when it was late and most everyone was sleeping on the plane, I started throwing my Hacky-Sack ball up and down. Then, when I threw it up, it flew over my seat and over to the Hanson’s. I turned around to face Zac and asked, "Hey, see that ball over by your leg? That was mine." "Yeah, I know." He said, handing the ball back. "Thank you so ...... why are you not hyper? Is it just me?" I interrupted myself. He looked sort of taken aback, but then answered with the ever-popular sarcastic remark (at least, where I live, it is), "I'm not? Well, I'll try harder." And that's how the dream ended.

"A "Normal" Day With Hanson"


In order to understand this dream you'll need to know that I go to a special (gifted) school where 6th-9th graders are in integrated classes. N-E Ways.... I was in school and Zac and Tay were in my class. (It was weird because it seemed like they were just regular kids.) The class clown, Tracy, said "Hey Mrs Holmes, someone wrote that you had mad cow disease on my desk." Then she said sarcastically "I wonder who that could be." Then Zac stood behind her and started mooing on all fours. Then Tay pointed out the window. Ike was making faces through the glass. Then Zac, Tay, and I were called to the front desk. Ike checked us out and took us to the fair. We rode rides 'till almost puked. Then Tay says "I think I'm gonna hurl." We were in line behind a chain smoker and I said "Which way to the bathroom I can't take this anymore." Then Ike says "I hope you can puke and hold your hair back at the same time cause we can't exactly go in there." Then Zac goes "I could pass as a girl, maybe even Taylor, but, well, puberty was mean to any girl as flat as you, Ike." Ike knocked him into a concession stand then I woke up.

"Hanson at Six Flags"


Hanson was performing at Six Flags and my friend Ruthann and I were there. When they were done performing, they picked 2 people from the audience, who, by chance were me and Ruthann. Well, we were going on Batman and Robin the Chiller ride with them. I was sitting in the first seat with Isaac, Zac was sitting by himself in the second seat, and Ruthann was sitting in the third seat with Taylor. Ruthann was freaking out and screaming. Taylor was saying, "Stop screaming!" Ruthann replied, “I’m not screaming because you're famous, I'm screaming because of the ride!" Taylor said, "Good." Isaac said to me, "Give me your hand, it's less scary that way." Taylor, following his older brother's footsteps, did the same to Ruthann. Zac started yelling, "No one wants to hold my hand! Oh, well. I'll hold my own." As Ruthann and Taylor screamed with terror, Isaac and I were screaming with excitement. Meanwhile, Zac was saying over and over, "I am Batman. I am Robin." Just as we were heading into the second loop, the cart went off its tracks and fell many stories. Everyone's screams instantly turned to terror, and Zac immediately shut up. We landed hard on the ground. Ruthann's leg was shattered and I broke my nose, the bone above my eyebrow, and something else. Hanson had numerous injuries, but I can't remember what they were. Zac was laying on the ground saying, "I am not Batman. I am not Robin." It was all over the news. The newscaster said, "Today the pop group Hanson was performing at Six Flags Great Adventure when tragedy struck. The hit trio and 2 lucky concert goers, Ruthann Greendyk and Breinne Dolan, who were picked out of the audience, were severely injured when the new ride Batman and Robin the Chiller somehow overturned its cart. No one was killed. We later talked to Hanson's middle man Taylor, and he told us, 'No matter what, me and my brothers will keep singing.'"

"Flying With Hanson"


Me and my friend Laura were on an airplane to Calgary AB (my hometown). Hanson were sitting in the seats in front of us. Zac was playing with the oxygen mask above his seat, and he was getting high on it!!! Then he started to scream, and he said "The killer bees are here, I'll fly the plane!" And the flight attendant lead him to the cockpit. Then Isaac got really scared because Zac was flying the plane, so he jumped out the window. He got stuck half-way through, so Taylor pushed him out and yelled "Bye Ike! You forgot your guitar!" And he threw out a tuba! Then the plane did a loop, and all the other people disappeared except us. Taylor began to do forward rolls down the aisle while singing "I'm a little teapot..."(???) Then he got up and opened the emergency exit, and he started to surf on the wing. Meanwhile, Laura was rollerblading up and down the aisle and throwing red skittles out the open windows. I called Taylor in, and then I asked him if he wanted to go swimming. He said sure, so I took him into the bathroom and shoved him in the toilet and flushed it. Taylor began to spin around and he started yelling "WHEEEEE!" He got out and started playing Barney music! We were having this big party when the plane blew up. We were floating in the air, when Isaac came back and he picked us up in a flying raft.

"Rocking on Regis and Kathie Lee"


Ok, Hanson was on the Regis and Kathie Lee show and they were performing some song, but behind them I was sitting there rocking back and forth on this little rocking horse and while i was rocking I was going, “Mmmbop, mmmbop, mmmbop." They were trying to ignore me but Zac kept like throwing those little things he plays at me trying to get me to shut up. It was too weird.

"Tay's Girlfriend is Having a Baby????"


Okay, I had to tell someone this dream besides my friends. Okay, I walked into this HUGE movie theater type place. The MMMbop video was playing on the screen. But the video was funky. It still had Hanson in it, but there were these strange girls in it too. Anywayz, all the sudden this guy comes on the screen and says something like: “News flash, it has just been announced that Taylor Hanson's girlfriend is expecting their first child!!!!” I almost fainted! Well, then I woke up, and for about 10minutes I swore that Tay had a girlfriend who was gonna have a baby!! Different Huh!!

"Video Games With Hanson"


I was playing Tekkon 2 on Sony Playstation when, all of a sudden, Hanson appears out of nowhere and Zac goes, "You suck. Let me play." I was like, "NO!!!!!! You never can get passed the first fight!" "And you can?" asked Zac. "Well, if you're not playing, can I play?" asked Taylor. "No! I'm gonna play! I'm the oldest!" boomed Isaac. "I was here first! Therefore, I play." I screamed. "You always get what you want, don't you?" asked Taylor, who was going crazy. "We all know that I'm gonna play so we may as well shut up and let me!" yelled Zac, and he grabbed the controllers from me. I punched Zac in the stomach and grabbed the controllers and began playing. "Why can't I play?" asked Isaac, more quietly. "'Cause I am!" I said, without taking my eyes off the screen. One by one, we all started screaming at each other. Then Barney shows up and started singing the song about taking turns and we all sang along. In the end, we, including Barney, we're taking turns playing Tekkon 2 while singing the, "I Love You," song. That's when I woke up.

"A Hanson Nightmare"

Jess the Mess

Here is my Hanson NIGHTMARE: I remember being in the car with my mom on the way to the mall to get a new pair of jeans. Then next thing I knew I was in the store looking and different styles and different brands of jeans. I was holding them out in front of me to see if they'd look good on me. After about a half an hour of just looking, I decided to take them into the changing room to try some on in front of those big mirrors. (As if that isn't scary enough.) Anyways, to make a long story short, I went to the changing room and someone was in there. I knocked on the door and then a heard a click and the door opened revealing the most horrifying sight I’ve ever seen. Are you ready? There was Zac in a dress. I threw the clothes up in the air, dropped to my knees and started screaming in the middle of the store! I found out later that I wasn't only screaming in my dream. So there you have it. The nightmare that left me seeking psychiatric help. I mean, more that I usually need. I'm, SOOOOO glad I woke up. And I'm not looking forward to going shopping with mom next weekend.

"Grape Kool-aid"

Manateell's friend

Okay, I didn't dream this, but my friend, Taylor (I'm not kidding, that's really her name), did. For some reason, Hanson was at her house. They decided to make some kool-aid. She asked Hanson what flavor they wanted and Taylor Hanson said "Make Grape kool-aid, because it's sexy." Then she woke up.

"Hanson in Heaven"


It took place in Heaven or something. Zac was walking around like he was dizzy, spinning in circles. I ran over to him and asked him what was wrong. "Look at the pretty monkeys, flying through the sky,” he said. Then he fell over like he was dead. Taylor was sitting in a baby carriage, playing the drums! Isaac was strolling him around and he said, "Shhh! You'll wake the baby." I was like, ok. Then, Zac drove by on a motorcycle with pilot goggles on saying, "I'm a monkey, you’re a monkey, ya da da da da da da da da." Taylor jumped out of the stroller and started singing Man from Milwaukee. And Isaac said, "Taylor, get back in that stroller. Do you want a whippin?". Taylor was sucking a pacifier and then he jumped back into the carriage. Isaac said, “Good boy,” and handed him a dog bone. Then Zac ran over me on his motorcycle and I woke up.

"Hanson Comes to Visit"


Okay, I was sitting on my bed, then all of a suddenly was in my living room. I had “Where’s the Love” on full blast, the TV was on a show where people come to say what planet they were from, and I had some Shakespeare play in my lap (a book) I think it was Romeo and Juliet. Then there was a knock at my front door, I got up, thinking it was my neighbor Bruce (I have no neighbor named Bruce). When I got to the door there was no one there!!! Then there was a knock at my patio door. I went to the door, no answer again! Then there was a knock at my back door, I ran to get it, no one, then I opened the front door and screamed (seeing no one) "LISTEN AS......" then before I was finished out pops Tay, then I heard a weird noise over near a tree, in a tree, I looked up, there was Zac, then plop, Zac came down, then, Ike was on my roof, then in a tree, then bam on the ground. I invited them in, Zac sat in front, I mean infront of the TV, Ike went to the stereo, and Tay picked up my book, he said, “I love this book, but someone (looked at Zac) jumped on mine.” Zac kinda grinned in that who me way. Then Zac finds Scream, and he says can we please watch this???? I said sure, I sat on the couch then, Tay sat next to me, then Ike sat in this really big chair, I stood up put my arms kinda in that what look, and wam zac jumped in my arms, which caused me to fall, which caused me too throw Zac in the air Tay caught him, fell down, then he landed in Ike’s lap, and just sat there hitting Ike in the head. me and Tay looked at him then looked at each other ,we sat down ,he put his arm around me then wam the lights came on and there was my mom and my little bro (I have no little bro!!) and she said hi guys, then she went, guys?? and said, WHO ARE THEY??? I started to say there names, then they started singing MMMBop, and my mom went oh I know who u r HANSON right? They all went yes, then my mom left, and my bro. Then Tay put his arm around me again, and as he leaned over to kiss me, whack, Zac hit him with something, he fell behind the couch mumbling, ohhh my head, I jumped back there and I looked at his head, leaned down and he kissed me!!! Then, Tay and me went back to the couch, and Zac ran on to his lap, saying, ikeypoo told me to do that (Ike was asleep) then as he leaned over to kiss me again, my head and butt and back hurt, I woke up, I had fell to the floor!!!!

"The Mag Stand"


I was at a local magazine stand getting a mega-hanson mag. it had huge pictures of them and a million articles, and it was about 200 pages long.(I dont buy Hanson mags usually, don’t ask me what I was) So I go to pay for it, and Ike was the cashier!!! He said to me “Do you want an autograph with that?'”I totally freaked, and Tay and Zac popped out from behind and started singing mmmbop, only instead of mmmbop they said nnnbop! and Zac started doing flips. Then I flipped over him and into Tay’s arms. I was really embarrassed and I was apologizing a million times. He kept telling me it was fine, and then he kissed me!!!! Zac flipped into Tay’s arms, and says in this high voice 'Tay, you’re so romantic! Oh Tay dearest!' and Ike got mad and started yelling at Zac, and then the dream sorta faded out.

"Tay's Extra Hands"


Ok...I was at Toys "R" Us rolling around the aisles looking at toys....and my mom was looking at lunch bags(???). I went outside and this guy was standing there giving me weird looks. And then...I started climbing up the side of the store pulling pictures of Hanson off the wall. Then I threw a pic of Ike in the trash and that guy growled at me!!!! Then...Hanson came up to me..and just stood there...and I couldn't help noticing that Tay had two hands underneath his under arms!!! And that's it...weird huh?!?!?!

"Hanson and JTT"


It started when I moved to Tulsa, with my fam of course. I have two brothers and two sisters. Well when we moved into our house I of course had no idea Hanson lived next door. N-e ways two days later after my parents went to work somebody knocked on my door! When I opened it Jonathan Taylor Thomas was standing there! Well of course I let him in. We were talking and then somebody knocked on my door again. When I opened it Hanson was standing there! I was so stoked I mean I've got the four finest guys standing in my living room! I let Hanson in and all of a sudden J.T.T. and Taylor started arguing. They were saying something like I want to be her chair(!) or something! Then all of a sudden Isaac said since he was the oldest he was the chair. In the end I ended up walking into the sunset with Zac, the only one who was making sense!!

"A Trip to the Mall"


Ok, My family and I was eating at this fancy restaurant in the mall. We were sitting right where you had to put up your trays at. and Hanson was sitting across the room we were in. So Tay went to put up his tray and he smiled at me so I smiled back. The next thing I know they were gone so I told my mom that I was finished and I was going to stand outside in the mall, so she said ok and I walked out of there. I started to run up and down the mall really fast looking for them, once I found them ; they were sitting at a table at the end of the mall giving out autographs, so I ran as fast as I could to the other end of the mall looking for a piece of paper to get signed. So I found one and ran all the way back to the other end of the mall where they were, but once I got there they were gone so I decided to wait thinking they might come back, so finally they came back, they were walking around the table looking around because there was no girls in sight .So I was sitting in a chair and Isaac walked past me, and I looked up at him and he didn't have on a shirt he just had on boxers. then I woke up.

"Charlie Brown, Cewbacca, and Hanson"


I was sitting on the couch and 4 some weird reason chewabacca(from star wars) was sitting on my left side and Charlie brown was sitting on the other and they were both hitting on me! so I turned on the TV and MMMBop was on ( the part where there in the car)and all of a sudden Charlie brown tries to kiss me so I jump up and see Hanson motioning 4 me to come to the TV when I got there I put my hand through the TV and Tay grabs it! I was in there video an I was singing with them too all of a sudden we were all rollerblading and me and Tay run into each other (like him and Zac do) and we were both laughing. all of a sudden chewbacca comes running onto the set and takes me away screaming and Taylor beat him up! using karate! it was funny and then Charlie brown comes running after him and Tay yells really loud and Charlie b screams like a girl and runs away after that I woke up and started laughing oh and for some weird reason Tay was wearing a pink girls swimsuit with

"The 'Real' World"


This is the weirdest dream I've ever had... My best friend Al (short for Alia) and I were sitting by the side of a pool outside the house that was used for the "Real World" Miami (season 5) waiting for Taylor & Isaac to pick us up and drive us to Boston where we were meeting Zac and our other friend Katie. Then we heard a horn out front, so we went inside to get our bags. "Bye Flora" Alia called to Flora who was on the computer (she was part of the season 5 cast, and so were the other people in the house) "See ya soon" she replied. "You guys leaving?" Asked Mike, who appeared out of nowhere (literally) with our bags. "Yeah," we said "See ya in 2 weeks." "We'll miss you," said Dan, who was coming down the stairs. The horn sounded again, & we went outside, where Ike & Tay were waiting for us (in the "Road Rules" Winne) and we started off for Boston. About 2 hours later we pulled up to the house they used for the "Real World" season 6 (all the people here are from the season 6 cast). We went inside and Tay called out "Hey guys, we're here (something), I guess they're not here," he said when no one answered him. We went inside & "Scream” was playing, so we settled in to watch it. Then Zac & Katie came in, Zac was holding a ball of raw hamburger meat, and while Katie came to watch the movie, he turned on one of the burners and began making hamburgers. Then we heard a door open and in came Sean, Elka, Genisis, and her friend Adam (the drag queen). They all said something like "Hi, nice to see you again.” Then Zac says something like "DAMN, now I have to make more burgers." So Elka opened the freezer and pulled out a ball of raw meat & tossed it to him. Then Jason came in & asked where Alia & Ike were, and we were beginning to plan an all out search party to look for them when I woke up.

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