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"We get our ideas for the songs from what happens to us in our lives on a daily basis. If you're creative, anything may inspire you, from hanging out with friends to just staring out your window at passing scenes."

"It would be important for someone to understand how much our music means to us. Our music come first for us now, and hopefully forever"

"We know that the kind of sucess that we're having may not last forever. Sucess can go as fast as it comes. We all realize that. Anyone one who doesn't realize that is in trouble, because they could loose touch with reality."

"Omigosh, Sears is having a sale!" (after seeing how many fans showed up for their Paramus Mall concert)

"The nice thing about England is that they actually speak English."

"Let's see, I missed out on getting dumped by about ten million girls, getting beat up by bullies, and peer preasure." (when asked if he regreted not having gone to public school)

"I used to be the goofiest, but then Zac just kind of took over."

"We've heard great stories...that we were immigrants from Sweden and MMMBop used to be called Ooompahpah."

"I'm a romantic fool, I always end up being hurt."

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